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Final Fantasy Xii On Ps2

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By seattlescott0 on
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Funny how sometimes gaming works. You can get hooked on a game by accident, and this is clearly the case of Final Fantasy XII. I didn't mean to play it well into the 37 hours I am into it rite now as I write this review. I merely wanted to try it out and see if the disc played fine. Yet, I was quite suprised.

I don't think there was ever this much fun to be had in an rpg. The battle system is finesse and intelligence rolled into one. You don't just fight, you manage. but it's not over or under managing...you play the way you want to. You don't even have to use the gambits if you want. Gambits might make for the future of RPGS as well...a well designed way to over management of the AI of your teams without making it to technicals or overwhelming.

Despite at it's heart FFXII is a dungeon crawler, I find it's smooth battling, tranisitions between areas, and leveling system to be perfectly intwined to never let the game get frustrating in pockets of waiting and sparse fun. 37 Hours in and im still going back trying to level my charactors, and I never liked leveling my charactors in any RPG I played.

This game is not at all driven by it's story. If anything it's a story thrown back to the old age of Final Fantasy lore. More Fantasy and less industrial tie ins that the later games have produced for us. While the story is straightforward, it certainly for the first time can be said that it takes a backseat to the gameplay. This is not the end of the Final Fantasy world as i Thought it would be - based on all the hype and dismay among fans upon the games release. Square has produced a game where there is no hour long sequences seperated by tidious loading screens and fights.

This game is all gameplay. If you want a movie, go see Rambo or Cloverfield. If you want to play a fun challenging game, then do what I do. Load in FFXII and get ready for fun. Fun is what it's all about anyway.

A little more time with the game and my feelings continued to stay with the title. It took me a hair above 55 hours to beat Final Fantasy XII. What a game, what a game. This just teaches me not to get caught up in the hype.

In some regards people we're rite about Final Fantasy XII. The story was straightforward in every regard. There was no complexity to it at all. For the first time ever in a Final Fantasy game I can remember, I actually wanted to progress because I had fun playing the game. imagine that. fun PLAYING an rpg.

It was never to hard, and never to easy. Maybe never to hard because i've been playing RPG for over 10 years. We all know the formula's don't change much. The only gripe I have is that it's become Cliche to include things in a game that you can't use unless you use a faq or strategy guide. Remember back in the SNES days when the game would drop clues about everything that is there?

I don't know if it's the developers lack of foresight, but I wouldn't mind them given up a few hints along the way of special sidequests for an rpg that would help me in the longrun. I don't like consorting to a FAQ to find out how the masterbating posing rubber ducky bomb will help me defeat gargantuan the IVth. Comon guys, really. Get with the program. The viral marketing stuff is getting old and the games should exist in their own world,