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Final Fantasy Xii: Revenant Wings

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By leftynoob on
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As a longtime fan of Final Fantasy, I approached Revenant Wings for the Nintendo DS with a little skepticism. Final Fantasy games, for those unfamiliar, are typically role-playing games (RPGs), while this direct sequel to FF XII falls more into the real-time strategy game (RTS) category. Rest assured, though - even if, like me, you're not the world's biggest RTS fan, this game is well worth a purchase.

The music and graphics are amazing for a DS title, and the gameplay is a lot more manageable than typical RTS fare like Age of Empire or Starcraft. Gone is complex resource management, and the summoning gates that are used like bases need to be captured, not constructed. The game ventures somewhat into RPG territory, allowing your characters to level up and featuring light equipment customization. It's challenging without ever becoming too frustrating, and is highly recommended for any fan of previous Final Fantasy titles.