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Find Out Your Strengths!

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We bought this book because we heard from our friends that this book was tremendous. The book is titled ‘Personality Plus’ by Florence Littauer. It’s been the best selling motivational book over the last few years and has been a great contributor for the psychology. Ours is the revised edition with the special addition of personality profile test. This book is published by Binarupa Aksara and contains 370 pages of interesting discussion about human personality. The book starts with quick self-review on our personality profile. This first chapter discusses about the uniqueness of each human being and the purpose of this book. This chapter also provides a test for our personality profile; we should pick words that reflect our strengths and weaknesses.

Chapter two exposes the quick strengths guide to the four personality-plus types: the popular sanguine, the perfect melancholy, the strong choleric, and the peaceful phlegmatic. Then in chapter three and four we would be given more details on the sanguine and melancholy respectively. Next on chapter five, we’re given a break and given a chance to review our emotion. Then we move on the discussion about choleric and phlegmatic on chapter six and seven respectively.

Next chapters (8-11) are about how to turn the negatives on each personality type into positive ones. We are given ways on how to handle our weaknesses in this part. Then on chapter 12-16, we are presented with ways to improve our relationship with other people, either under the same type or cross type. In this part too, we are taught how to adapt with other people. The final chapter then discusses about our personality strengths that can lead us to reach our potential. People having the strengths in their personality-plus type will likely to go as the ‘plus people’.

I will have to say that this book is very interesting to read. Once I got to read it, I couldn’t stop. The language is simple and understandable. The author of this book is indeed a good motivator for me. This book really helps me in uncovering my strengths and weaknesses, and makes me realize that my weaknesses could be turned into strengths. The ways to deal with other people that are shown here are step-by-step, which is a good thing. It’s indeed a recommended book!