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Find Your True Self In Persona 4

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I was suggested to play Persona 4 by a friend because I so long RPG games and had played through the few PS2 games I have. He said it was pretty much living the life a teenager living in Japan and you solve mysteries. I have a copy of the original game but it's burned so I've never had a chance to play it as my original playstation broke. So I got this game and as it sits right now I really love it.

You start out in "the velvet room" with Igor and he tells you what is to come in this next year. You name your character and you are a young teenage boy who moves from the city and goes to live with your dectective uncle and his daughter in Inaba. You start your new school and through the first part of the game you are just making friends.Yosk, Chie and Yukiko.

A murder happens and its a buzz around the small town. People at school start talking about this thing called the midnight channel when it rains you stare at the blank tv screen and you are supposed to see your soul mate. When you do this you realize you can go inside the tv and than eventually you and your friends go to the Junes store and you all explore the world inside the tv. You meet a bear named Teddie who you befriend and you promise to help solve the mystery of whoever is pushing people into the the tv world.

When you are inside you develop something called a Persona that is transformed into a card and that card holds the power of that certain Persona. The Persona for everyone else starts out as an enemy because they can't face their other self and you must defeat it and make the person confront and except their other self. Than once that happens their Persona becomes their power and they can fight with you next time. Every person in your party has their own world inside the tv land that their other self created and that you must explore.

The Midnight channel is actually a portal almost to the other world inside the tv and the other self of the person who has gone missing appears on the tv. Yoske gets his Persona when first inside the tv, Yukiko gets kidnapped appears on the tv and you all go into rescue her. Chie gets hers while there and than you must fight Yukikos other self so she can except it and it can become her power. Than it becomes your mission to try to prevent those people from being killed so you watch the midnight channel and go into the tv world to save them.

I've been playing this game for months and as far as I know I'm not close to beating it. I find it very challenging and it's really nice for the bosses to get harder and you actually must level up to beat them. I'll post more when I actually beat it :) I do suggest others giving it a play if you can because it is SO fun!

Update On May 04, 2011: After playing this game for over a year I finally beat it! The battles could be very difficult but the challenge was great. The different worlds inside the tv were very well done and very unique. unfortunately the ending was disappointing and after doing some research online I found out that there are multiple endings and you have to make the right choices in the game to get the "good ending." So another play through is in order to get this ending and I'm hoping it won't take me a year to do it this time.