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Finding Forrester 2000

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William Forrester (Sean Connery) is a Pulitzer Prize winning writer who had disappeared from the public view shortly after his first book became a huge success. Forrester is "found" by Jamal (Rob Brown), a black teenager who, dared by his friends, sneaks into the writer's Bronx apartment. It turns out that Forrester is still very interested in writing, although he has not published anything for years. Jamal happens to be an aspiring - and talented - writer as well. Forrester sees his talent and offers to teach the boy, in exchange for Jamal's promise that he will keep their sessions secret and never take anything written in the apartment out of it. Their friendship is challenged when Jamal breaks the promise and turns in an essay he wrote under Forrester's guidance. His school teacher, long suspicious about Jamal's excellent writing skills, accuses the boy of plagiarism as the essay is based on one of Forrester's. Angry at first, Forrester refuses to help, but eventually comes to Jamal's defense.

This movie stands a head taller than most Hollywood flicks today. I enjoyed its in-depth look at writing - and life itself. Rob Brown, at this point a newcomer in acting, has no difficulty playing alongside Connery, who is of course impeccable as Forrester. The culture clash between them adds to the movie's value.

Unfortunately, this very good film is littered with offensive language. How sad for a movie about Literature and good writing.