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Finding Nemo Movie

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By noni_m_designs on
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I'm a Disney fan so any time they release a new movie I have to go see it. We had so much fun watching Finding Nemo. You may ask 'Why does Nemo need to be found?' Well, Nemo is just a kid, an only child being raised by his widower father and he gets fishnapped. Yes, fishnapped; Nemo and his father Marlin are clown fish. Nemo is taken from the reef and put in an aquarium and Marlin is desparate to have his son back. The movie is mainly about Marlin trying to find his son. Along the way we meet the forgetful Dory, attend a 'sharks anonymous' meeting and learn how to speak whale. Don't fret, this is a Disney adventure so you know everything will be set right at the end. While this may not be the best movie from the Disney/Pixar collaboration, it does have a feel good and engaging story line and lots of humor; even some aimed at the adults in the audience. We did get a bit silly while goofing off at dinner one night after seeing the movie. We were at a restauraunt and my husband mentioned that his work was playing the movie a lot and there were times he caught people speaking whale. The next thing we knew, we were speaking whale to each other and having a great time. After a few moments we heard another voice also speaking whale. By the time we left, almost every table with a child at it had at least one person speaking whale. Thankfully no parents got upset at us for starting it.