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Finesse Shampoo: Nice Shine, Tastes Terrible

Reviewing: Finesse 2 In 1 Conditioner And "Enhancer"  |  Rating:
dave By dave on
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I use Finesse 2-in-1 shampoo, which as it was once pointed out, is a misnomer because 2 is larger than 1. However, in the case of this shampoo, I found it head and shoulders above the rest.

Finesse is a mid-range shampoo that always gives my hair a nice shine. It also rinses out well and smells nice. The best thing is that it gives my hair some bounce and stability. I've always felt like my hair feels extra clean after shampooing with Finesse. It also seems to be very effective for oily hair.

The best part is that it does wash away any flakes or dandruff. Plus, it combines hair strengthener with conditioner. The company calls it an "enhancing" formula. My hair always has an extra amount of bounce to it, and I stack that up to one of the two items in this 2-in-1 shampoo.

I suppose I can feel manly buying Finesse, although with the recent effeminate packaging the company put on it, it always makes me feel awkward. Should I be buying

My biggest complaint is that it tastes terrible. Now, I'm no shampoo connoisseur, but this stuff leaves a nasty taste when it makes its way into your mouth. This happens to me when I shampoo my beard. I'm not even sure if it does much for my beard anyway.

I'm not sure if all shampoos taste like this, but I'd like to see Finesse make a cherry flavor. I'd even settle for grape.