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Finishing Touch Hair Removal Tool

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As I am getting older I am noticing that I have more and more peach fuzz on my face. While the peach fuzz is very light, some of it is longer than I would like it to be. I and some others were chatting about this one day and the Finishing Touch Hair Removal Tool was suggested as a way to get rid of the excess hair without any chemicals or other irritating products.

The Finishing Touch Hair Removal Tool is about the size of a pen. The one that I have is a grayish purple with a purple jewel on the top of the cap.

Under the cap are a couple of tooth like blades, similar to what would be used in a hair clipper, only on a much smaller scale. The tool is operated with one AA battery and has a slight hum to it while it is clipping.

What it does is to cut the hair close to the skin, but not at the skin like a razor. For really light hair to not so light hair, this seems to be enough. I would not use it on dark hair if you do not want the hair to be visible at all, however, as it may show.

While I like the look of the areas that I use the Finishing Touch on when I am finished, I can feel that there is hair there for at least a few days. It doesn’t feel like a mans stubble, but instead almost like the soft feeling of hair when one gets a wiffle cut… you know the super short hair cut where only a bit of stubble is left?

The Finishing Touch also comes with an eyebrow guard so that you can trim your eyebrows. I have not used this feature.

Another nice use for this tool is to clip the small hairs from the nape of the neck for those with a really short hair cut. It is just a really quick and easy way for a touch up. It is much easier than pulling out the large hair clippers.

The blades in the unit are able to be changed and after about a year of use I think that mine is ready for a change… I just have to have a look around to see where I can purchase them as I do not think I have the box any longer.

After I purchased this one I did see a similar type tool at Walmart that had a light on it, that might be useful. It also had a couple of other things with it. I did not take too close of a look as I did not want to be tempted to purchase another, however if I were to be in the market for one I would check that one out first.