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Fire Emblem: Radient Dawn For Wii

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By hachibei on
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This is a very hard strategy game. That being said, it is also very rewarding whenever you accomplish something. This game is a direct sequel to the Fire Emblem game for the GameCube, titled "Fire Emblem: Path of Radience". It features many returning characters, and also many new ones. The story is excellent, provided you've played the prequel. If you haven't, many of the references to the prequel will most likely confuse you, although playing the prequel isn't really necessary to enjoy this game. This is not an easy game, not even in the game's "easy" difficulty setting. Right from the beginning, almost all the enemies will be much more powerful than your characters, and it will remain this way for the majority of the game. Although your characters will eventually become more powerful, it takes a lot of patience and skill to achieve this. One of the defining features of Fire Emblem is the way the game deals with death: if one of your character dies, he or she is gone forever. You cannot revive them. It is also a slightly violent game; violent enough to earn a T rating from the ESRB. It is not especially bloody or gruesome, but it does have more violence then, say, a Mario game. Aside from that, none of the content is objectionable, there is no swearing, sex, or drug references. Overall, this is a pretty good game; the only downside being the extreme difficulty.