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Fire Fly The Complete Series

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By ally_deville on
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Joss Whedon is probably one of the best writers in the TV/film industry; he did Buffy, Angel, Alien 5, and numerous others so I was very excited when I found out that Firefly was being made.

My joy dimmed slightly when I found out it was going to be on the Fox network. I hate that network as they pull shows far to fast; many times before the show has even aired 4 episodes, which in this day and age of TIVO/DVR/VCR is just so stupid. Plus they have a tendency to mess with the order of episodes so that the viewers haven't a clue as to what is happening or why. And that is exactly what they did to Firefly.

FireFly was pulled from the network after a few episodes but the fans rallied and wrote letters, in such quantity that the network ended up releasing all the shows they had made, a total of 14 episodes plus they gave Joss Whedon the right to put them in the order he had planned. A stroke of brilliance on their part! I was stunned too! The packaging of the dvd set is nice; I like the looks of it.

The show stars Nathan Fillon, Gine Torres, Adam Baldwin to name but a few and they are stellar; they just make the characters their own! The writing is sharp, witty, filled with dark humor and a touch of tragedy—all the ingredients for an intelligent, fun show and they nailed it. Totally nailed it. I was a fan after watching the first episode twice, and was livid when it was cancelled. I rarely get that worked up over a show getting cancelled but this show was never given a chance as it didn’t fit into any predetermined slot, it was unique.

The dvds are just so good, storylines that are fresh, acting that is sharp and smart writing and delivery of lines that catch you off guard (in good ways) and it can bring the funny. The special features are fun, the commentary is hysterical (yes, I totally nerded out on them) and the video of Adam Baldwin singing the Jayne Cobb song is so cute. The nice thing is you can rewatch them, over and over without getting bored; the hallmark of a well written and acted show; there aren’t that many around anymore.

Once you watch this show, you’ll be asking “what’s next?” and your answer will be to watch “Serenity” the full length picture that was made after the show was cancelled. When has a cancelled show had a full length theatrical release movie made? The only one that comes to mind is Star Trek and that aired 3 years before it was cancelled. You will LOVE this show.