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First Aid For Wounds? Betadine It!

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Back in the province, there are kids playing just outside our house, running here and there. From time to time these kids meet small accidents and get wounds on their knees, hands and other exposed areas of their bodies.

During these instances, it is best to be prepared so first aids will be extended immediately. One good antiseptic wound remedy we have at home is Povidone-Iodine Betadine 10% Solution. Each mL of Betadine contains 100mg of Povidone-Iodine which is equivalent to 10mg available iodine and is best to kill germs and stops infections in wounds, minor cuts, abrasions, burns and post-operative wounds. It also kills all five major classes of harmful organism bacteria (even those bacteria that are unresponsive to skin anti-biotics), virus, fungi, protozoa and spores.

What I like about this product is because it is non-stingy, painless and gentle on kids. It slowly releases iodine on skin for a hassle-free wound treatment which is considered to be a technological breakthrough trusted by doctors and hospitals worldwide. Also, it does not stain on the skin and natural fabrics (such as cotton) and can be easily washed by water.

Lapis Recommends: For emergency preparedness, Betadine is a must for every household.