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First Hand Experience Of Brawl Ssbb

Reviewing: Nintendo Super Smash Bro's Brawl  |  Rating:
By Tubby Roll on
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To begin with the gameplay itself is fairly basic and fun, and can be played by anyone.

Whether your a new novice or an experienced gamer anyone can get their hands on the game and just start playing, basically sporting only two attack buttons, there are no complex combos to remebers juts so you can attack. All attacks are basically a combination of moving your joystick and pressing an attack button, it's that simple.

Moving on for the more experienced gamer, or experienced SSB veteran, this game lives up to the hype that the previous games showed. Personally playing all the previous games (Super Smash Bro's, Super Smash Bro's Melee) I preferred Brawl over the others because generally with the wii, everything is more responsive and it is much smoother. Of course some die hard Melee fans still hold on to their beloved Melee game, most of my friends have reccomended and preferred brawl.

So if you must get a wii game soon, brawl is the obvious choice.

Thank you for reading my experience and I hope to see you one day in Brawl