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I picked up an old friend the other day - First magazine. I have bought this magazine before, usually when it holds something interesting for me on the cover - which surprisingly, is often.

A neighbor called me up the other morning all excited. She'd just bought this magazine and wanted me to know that there was a great article inside the November issue that I just had to read. This dear sweet lady is always watching out for me. She offered to lend me her copy but at only $2.99 I thanked her and told her that I had to pick up a few other magazines anyway. The article she told me about had to do with Fibromyalgia - that lovely little body issue that more and more people are finding is plaguing their once happy, productive and busy lives.

Before even getting to that article after buying it however, I learned that musty smelling clothes can be refreshed by simply spritzing them with - of all things - straight vodka! Apparently, the anti-bacterial property in vodka helps to leech out the mustiness and leave behind no smell of alcohol once it dries. I also learned that if you have problems swallowing those big pills that are out there, just roll the pill in Olive oil first - apparently they are as easy to swallow as the small ones then. Will have to try that.

This magazine has all kinds of nifty little ideas, tips and tools to help you in your everyday life and includes everything from how to quickly measure something if you have no measuring tape "use quarters - they're 1" in diameter, to some really great yummy sounding recipes.

As for the Fibromyalgia article that I initially purchased this magazine to read? Well, I learned that there is a sugar out there called D-ribose and apparently women in particular are prone to having low levels of ATP, the energy source of cells - people who consume this D-ribose sugar are said to suffer from less pain and gain improved sleep, greater mental thinking and on average a 45% increase in energy after only one week of taking it. It's available as a supplement called Corvalen, from Corvalen.comand 5gs of this supplement in water taken 3 times a week is said to make a large difference for some.

I guess I'll have to look this supplement up as with winter, comes some really intense problems for me and rather than just be one big walking pain ball, I will literally try almost anything to keep myself from turning into one.

Overall, this magazine is low on the ads, which I like and fairly high on the info and recipes with some great tips that I'd never normally know about except for reading it.

It's inexpensive and a quick read as most articles are very short and easy to zoom through in no time but, like the Fibromyalgia article, you just might come away with a solution to something that bothers you or like FMS, rules your life more often than you want. First offers a lot of healthy ideas and is well worth the money.