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Fisher Price Chatter Telephone

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By halcammom on
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My son was given the Fisher Price Chatter Telephone for his first birthday from his grandmother. She stated that every little kid needs the Chatter Telephone!

The Chatter Telephone is shaped like a rotary phone. A bell rings when the dial is turned. However the dial does not turn accurately. The dial turns the same distance no matter which number you dial. Not only does it not really matter, children won't even know the correct way a rotary phone should work (I am probably in the last generation that remembers a rotary phone)!

The Chatter Telephone is made of durable plastic. It has a lot of bright colors and cute features. The Chatter Telephone has a face on it with little eyes that move up and down when the phone is pulled. The face has a nice big smile with rosey red cheeks. There are bright red wheels and a little string so children can pull the toy around. When the toy is pulled, the toy makes an almost squeaky noise (very hard to explain the noise!) and the eyes move up and down.

I like this toy for several reason. The colors are nice and bright, it not very loud like a lot of the newer electronic toys and it is small. Also, the cord that connects the receiver to the phone is very short (about 3 inches) so it does not become a choking hazzard. My son really liked this toy when he first got it, but now that he is 19 months old, he doesn't show too much interest in it. He'll pick it up and play with it for a few minutes, then move on to something else.