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Fisherprice Rainforest Jumparoo Lifesaver!

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By 242gobjm on
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Lifesaver! Lifesaver! Lifesaver!! This is on my list of absolute must-haves for any mom or dad who wants to keep their sanity! I am a work-at-home mom who is fortunate enough to be able to be home with my son, but don't always have the luxury of being able to hold him every minute of the day. Around four months (when he got more active) I began to be hesitant about leaving him on floor mats to play or in a bouncer. He had way too much energy for those toys and they were quickly losing his interest. I pulled out our Fisherprice Jumparoo and crossed my fingers. I'll be honest - it wasn't love at first sight for him. He was al little unsure of being upright after months of laying flat and didn't quite understand the that it was meant to bounce. I got him started and it was ALL smiles! It took him a few days to get the hang out of it and now it is by far his favorite activity! I can't get him to stop bouncing!

The bouncer makes noise and has different volume levels and music settings. One setting is continuous music and the other is music that goes off when the baby bounces as a reward. It also comes with 5 stationary toys...but only one lights up with the music. He's not so interested in the toys as he is the bouncing however. The toys are okay....mostly just things to grab and push. But the seat turns around in the bouncer so they can select what to play with. The real benefit of having this is the bouncing and being upright. I put it in the kitchen so he can watch me cook...and in the living room when I am doing work. It's the only activity center I have (and I have a lot!) that doesn't give me that "guilty felling."

The Jumparoo is expensive...but worth every penny! There are quite a few baby products I would get rid of before this one if money were a concern! I'm buying one for my brother who is expecting. This is a MUST have!! Go generic anywhere else, but spend the money here...you won't regret it!