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Fitness Instruction For Those With Limitations

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I have searched and searched for the right exercise program geared towards people who have limited mobility. I have gotten many exercises from physical theorists, but they always seemed to be lacking. Most of the time, I felt like I was being challenged to the point of exhaustion, or the exercises were too light not giving me enough challenge. Finding the exercise instruction which would help me gain the fitness I was seeking was always a battle.

A friend recommended I visit ArmchairFitmess.com. I read everything on the site and called the number to ask even more questions. After getting all the information I could, I decided that this was the program for me. Besides, if it worked, it would be well worth the money.

After getting my doctor's approval, I purchased the entire set. Each of the four DVDs seemed to offer a different way for me to gain the fitness and strength I was seeking. The entire system offers a complete structional system which is easy for me to follow.

Features and Specifics of This Instructional DVD Set

These instructional DVDs are for people who want less strenuous routines with great results. These are for people with limited mobility, with disability, or who are elderly. Anyone can do these routines.

These videos will help lower blood pressure; firm your body; increase range of motion; increase energy level; and will offer a whole host of other health benefits. They have made me feel a whole lot better.

Instructions on each DVD is clearly stated and is easy to follow.

There are four DVDs in this instructional program. Each one has a distinct purpose and can be purchased individually. All contain inspirational music to help motivate a person while they do the routines.

1) Armchair Aerobics

This DVD includes three 20 minute routines which can be done while sitting down. It gives me a great aerobic workout which does not cause me any added complications.

2) Gentle Exercise

This DVD includes one 30 minute routine which allows for a light exercise for people who have limited range of motion. This helps to increase the strength and keep muscles from getting weaker. This is great for me since I am in a wheelchair and can't use my legs much.

3) Strength Improvement

This DVD includes two 20 minute routines which increases upper body strength and increases stamina. Also, it offers more options for improving leg strength. The exercises are a bit harder then then those on the other DVD's, but I do enjoy doing them when I am able.

4) Yoga Health

This DVD includes three 27 minute routines which help to teach proper breathing, relaxation, and stretching while in a seated position. I had always wanted to learn something about yoga. This DVD makes it possible for me to gain the benefit of this great fitness type.

I can't think of any drawbacks to these instructional DVDs. These DVDs have given me the opportunity to improve my health and maintain a much better manner of living.

I would highly recommend this instructional program to anyone. This program is easy to follow, and it is easy to stay motivated to complete each routine. Visit ArmchairFitmess.com if you would like to purchase this set of DVDs or to purchase them individually.