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Fitover Sunglasses For A Perfect Fit

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When I recently had cataract surgery my surgeon gave me these sunglasses that fit over my regular glasses for the brightness I would encounter with the new lenses in my eyes. The sun was blinding and these really helped a great deal.

When stopping in to see my optometrist to have the lens removed from my regular glasses as I didn't need the prescription anymore my husband noticed these same type of sunglasses, only much more stylish and in a variety of styles and colors.

We learned these were new sunglasses made to be worn over your regular glasses. The brand was named Fitovers and my husband fell in love with them He wears glasses all day and was tired of using the clip on sunglasses and loosing them. He had tried on my freebies and liked how they well they kept the sun out from all angles.

He tried on a pair of the Fitovers and asked if he could get a pair. I told him to go for it so he started trying them on. Fitovers come in 9 different frame styles, each one specifically designed to be worn over your regular prescription glasses. Each style has anywhere from 6 to 9 color options, and each color is paired with 4 different types of polarized lenses. So you can see there are a lot to choose from!!

The lenses available are Polarized Amber which is great for increased contrast and depth perception, good where accuracy over a long distance is required, such as tennis, GOLF, and other outdoor activities. My husband saw GOLF and chose this color lens. Also available are Polarized Gray which keeps true color definition in all kinds of conditions and lighting. Next is the Polarized Blue Mirror, great for high or intense lighting as the blue mirror treatments reflects away glare. Last is the Trilenium Gold, this is a lens technology by Eagle Eyes which filters out harmful UVA, UVB and blue-light at 475 nanometers.

Whichever Fitover you choose for yourself will be the greatest looking sunglasses you will find to wear over your regular glasses (this from my husband). There is no weight to them and you cannot even tell you have glasses on underneath. They do not push down on your glasses, just encase them naturally for a perfect fit for any prescription eyeglass style you might have. It almost made me sad (just for a minute) that I wouldn't be wearing glasses anymore!

There are built in polarized side lenses which helps to keep the light from entering through the side. Along with my husbands new Fitovers he received a cleaning cloth, a clip-on-case when he's not wearing them and also an adjustable neck cord to use. They took about a week to order and get in but he picked his up this past week and is wearing them non-stop.

If these sound interesting to you, check out the webiste www.fitovers.com and see for yourself all the styles and colors available. For $50.00 they were a better bargain than the sunglasses I ended up buying at Costco!!

Update On Mar 15, 2010: These are just the best sunglasses and my hubby uses them summer and winter (for snow glare). He can't imagine not ever having a pair of these on hand and we have noticed a lot of look alikes for sale lately. Do yourself a favor if you wear glasses, try the Fitovers first.