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Flame On!

Reviewing: Bic Th' Little Plastic Fire Starter Thingies  |  Rating:
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This oughta go well ;-)...

I'm a smoker; I've smoked a pipe (vanilla flavored tobacco thank you) for about 7 years.

Now with that out, let's proceed with the review.

Flick that BIC baby!

Buh'lieve me, I've used every kind of ignition available on the legal/free market. There is one that consistently remains ahead of the rest. Yep, the one with that little guy on the pens. Even though somebody decided individual consumers couldn't be trusted with adjustable flames anymore (grrrr!), bic is still the best disposable on the market! I buy the multi-packs, 5-6 lighters per.

Usually in the neighborhood of $3-$5 depending on the store. I like getting them at Walgreen's, usually the cheapest. Smoking a pipe as a consistent delivery system requires L O T S of flame! A pack will generally last well over a month, roughly one lighter for a week +. They store great, I've got several "partials" I stash and are still lighting two years down the road (REALLY!).

Typically my purchase pattern is two packs every 3-5mo.s, with a monthly purchase of one 12.3 oz. bag of tobacco (av. $11per), add some pipe cleaners, a decent pipe about once a year and that puts my personal pollution cost near $185 annually. The typical cigarette smoker in this current market can spend that in one month just on the tobacco, sans ignition. Now, that's all in the Texas market, I don't know about the rest of the country.

For the capper; I don't "promote" smoking, it's bad, dumb, self-destructive, and on and on...If you never have, never do.

But if you need a dependable light, Bic is the choice to make.