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Flash Flood Super Soaker

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My son has been begging for a Super Soaker since last Summer. As soon as Target put theirs on sale this year, my husband ran out and got him one. Boys and their toys, you know?

The one he purchased is the Max Infusion Flash Flood Super Soaker by Hasbro. It holds 40 oz. of water in 2 tanks and shoots up to 35 feet. This soaker not only has the traditional stream of water that you can shoot, it also has the flash flood mode. By pulling the trigger twice, the entire upper tank empties all at once and soaks your friends.

What I really like about this Super Soaker vs. the water guns that I grew up with is the quick fill cap. With this cap, there is no need to screw anything off when you fill it. You simply push the nozzle of the hose into the fill hole. This pushes down the plastic seal that keeps the water in and allows you to easily fill it up. I have filled it with both the garden hose and the spray nozzle from the kitchen sink and both are easy to use.

They do sell an aqua pack attachment for this as well although do not know how much it is since I do not have one. You wear the pack like a sling around you and attach it to the gun. It allows you to have an additional 50 oz. of water.

My son is 6 and has a little bit of trouble pumping it up all the way by himself but he is getting better at it. It also never fails that whenever he takes it out to play, there are just as many grown ups that want to play with it as there are kids. My son has a great time soaking his friends, especially his sister. It's a great Super Soaker for the money.

Update On Jul 31, 2009: My son has had this for a year now and it still works great. He has dropped it more times than I can count and takes it into the pool with him and it still keeps on shooting. It was well worth it if you find it like we did on clearance or for a discount but if I had to buy another at full price, I would.