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Flash Kid Games Veggie Tales

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Veggie Tales isn't just for kids! We love the flash games they have and some of them are quite time consuming and take skill. For this reason, I rated the maturity level at a 4, because I think some of these flash games are a little too hard for kids 6 and under. Also, kids really need to know how to read on most of these games or at least have someone around that can read the instructions for them. But once a kid gets it, they are off an running. When I worked in our past church's office, any volunteers that brought their kids along soon found I had them on the iMac playing Veggie Tales.

The one flash game most adults actually enjoy playing is Spaced Penguins. You can check out the game here at the Veggie Tales www.BigIdeaFUN.com website. In Spaced Penguins, the little Penguin Space Cadet ended up lost in space and you have to use your computer mouse to slingshot him back to his ship. However, it isn't as easy as all that. When you "launch him" you also have to send him around planets and take into account the gravitational pull or you'll slingshot him out to nowhere.There are also little spinning wheels that can interfere with your launch and send him totally off course. The sound effects are funny and even though it starts out very simple, don't be fooled. It gets quite hard as they add more planets and more spinners.

As you can see from the screenshot I provided, I did pretty bad on my 3rd "pull" I sent Kevin the Penguin off into space, which is shown by the blue arch. That huge planet pulled too much when I launched him and there he went....

It's really a fun game and I have seen kids get a little frustrated, whereas the adults absolutely love it. My husband and his co-workers use to play on their breaks and see who could get the high score. And the funny thing is that they didn't care that they were playing Veggie Tales or that they didn't have kids themselves.

There are lots of little flash games on this website, in addition to coloring pages, e-cards, downloads and other activites. But none of the games are violent and most everyone is familiar with Veggie Tales and their goal to teach kids about God and being better little people.

When you go to the website, there are 3 sections - Veggie Tales, Penguins and Larry Boy. The flash games are all under the "Arcade" tab. So give it a shot or should I say "slingshot" and see if this game sucks you in too. Have fun!

Note : You will need to make sure your flash player is up to date to play any flash games here or any site. Technology changes so often that something that worked 6 months ago may need an update.