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Flat Hose Falls Flat

Reviewing: Yardworks/Distributed By Menard's 50' Flat Hose  |  Rating:
uaezarb By uaezarb on
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My daughter needed a new hose after her old one sprung a couple of leaks. When I went with her to Menard's to get another one, I talked her into buying a yardworks flat hose distributed by Menard's. This is one time she should not have listened to her mother! This flat hose is very cheaply made and on the second day already sprung a leak. The hose is made of thin rubber and covered with a woven material. The ends that attach to the faucet and sprayer are lightweight plastic. Even though it sprung a small leak, about the size of a pin hole, she didn't feel like taking it back, so she has kept using it the whole summer and not had any further problems.

On the pro side, I love the concept of this hose because it is so lightweight. The 50' length it comes in barely weighs anything even when it's filled with water. The hose comes in a reel that the hose can be reeled back onto when you're finished watering. The idea is for the reel to squeeze the water out as you reel it in, making it flat again.

The con's of this hose, besides the leak, is that you have to pull the hose out straight before you turn on the water and it gets kinked easily. The same thing for reeling the hose back on the reel, it has to be straightened out so there are no kinks and can be a little bit of a hassle. In fact, after the first time reeling it back up, my daughter decided to just pile it up next to her faucet.

My daughter only usually uses this hose to water her flowers in the front of the house and fill up her son's little swimming pool, so for light use, such as that, it's better than lugging around a heavy-duty rubber hose.