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Fleetwood Mac Experiments With Tusk Cd

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By nightwing on
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This collection was the follow-up to the bands wildly popular disc, Rumours. It was a two album set when first released, but is a single disc collection in our current CD world. This collection has a different sound then their previous disc, as the band allowed Lindsey Buckingham to be more experimental in the studio.

There's plenty of great music here. This is my second favorite album by the band, behind Rumours. The title song is probably the most recognizable (and experimental) of the lot, and features the USC marching band. The most intimate and touching of all the songs is the Stevie Nicks tune, Storms. The song is simple in its lyrics and production, but it is simply beautiful.

Lindsey rocks out a bit on What Makes You Think You're the One. It's my favorite song of his off this album. My favorite Christine McVie song here is Think About Me, which was also released as a single.

The album was considered somewhat of a disappointment at the time, but I think that any disc they put out following Rumours would have been a disappointment. This collection isn't as cohesive as that disc and the songs don't flow together as tightly, but there are still some really strong songs here.