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Flents Quiet! Please Foam Ear Plugs

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By ezriela on
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When you live in an apartment, one of the drawbacks is that you may not always get the quietest neighbors. We started having problems with tenants who lived above us and also beside us cranking up their music at any given time of day or night. Even the apartment manager at the time couldn't get them to stop and it was starting to drive us bonkers. Moving was not an option we had, so we decided to look for some means of blocking at least some of noise by buying some earplugs. I didn't know anything about the brands that were available and pretty much grabbed the first box I saw on the shelf at Walgreens that had the words "ear plugs" on it. Flents Quiet! Please Foam Ear Plugs, it turns out, was a good choice. These are made with lightweight foam that are very easy to insert in the ears and are very comfortable. Just insert these babies into your ears and you experience a real reduction in the noise around you. Since they are made of foam, that means you can cut or trim them, if necessary, to make the fit even more comfortable for your needs. While they didn't block out all of the sounds from our neighbors' stereos, the Flents Quiet! Please Foam Ear Plugs did dramatically lessen the amount of sound we heard and we were actually able to sleep. The offending neighbors have moved now, but we keep these ear plugs close by, in case future noisemakers move here.