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Flint River Ranch Is Quality Dog Food

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By tunskit on
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We have fed our dogs Flint River Ranch dog food for three years now. Long before concerns about rat poison from Chinese imports prompted most dog owners to reevaluate their pets' diets, we were concerned about what our dogs ate. I researched dog nutrition and learned what dogs should and shouldn't eat. Only one dog food that I found had all the elements a dog needed, and none they didn't. That was Flint River Ranch.

Dog food should have a primarey ingredient of meat meal. Meal is the meat content after water is extracted, so there is actually more meat in a "meal" than when the ingredients list a meat as the first ingredient (e.g. chicken meal vs. chicken). Corn should definitely not be the main ingredient, but most commercial dog foods (especially the cheap ones, like Pedigree) start with that as their base. Corn is highly allergenic, and it is questionable whether it should be in dog food at all. FRR doesn't include corn. They use wheat as their grain base. FRR also uses Vitamin C and E as preservatives, rather than artifical oils that can break down and become toxic.

Many dog foods advertise including dried beet pulp as an added feature, because it helps dogs have smaller, less frequent bowel movements. That is convenient for the owner, but not healthy for the dog. It can lead to bowel problems and increases the dog's risk of colon cancer. FRR doesn't contain dried beet pulp. They use human-grade food and stringent quality control.

My dogs have thrived on this food, and they love it. It's the first dog food my labrador has ever eaten without reluctance. He has allergies to several things, which makes him have frequent ear infections. Since starting this food, he has has two infections in three years, as opposed to several per year that he used to get.

All the ingredients are made in America and shipped from your closest distribution center shortly after baking so that the product is fresh when you receive it. I highly recommend Flint River Ranch, which I purchase online and have delivered straight to my home.