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Flip Ultra Hd Camera

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By dylannowak on
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If you are looking for a great quality camera that is portable, and on the cheaper side? Then the Flip Ultra HD is the way to go. I bought the Flip Ultra HD about a year and a half ago. First I'm going to tell you some negative things about this camera just so you know if these are important to you. The Flip cameras all come with the FlipShare Program which basically saves your videos to a folder, and you can trim them to make it the size you want. This program also will let you add the videos together and add titles. The editing "program" will really limit how much creativity you have in the videos. And even if you like Windows Movie Maker, the videos will not import on that program because it will not support the file, and the only way to get it on Windows Movie Maker is if you buy a Decoder device.

These cameras also might come with problems. Flip cameras all come with rechargeable batteries that charge when you plug it into the computer. My batteries came awful. It said it came fully charged when it would only stay on for 10 minutes. I have also heard that the minutes go down if you delete your videos wrong. This can be a huge problem when the camera is supposed to have 2 hours for filming. Some peoples went down almost an hour and a half.

Now on to the great news on this review. The Flip Ultra HD is very portable and light. If you don't have any problems it could be the best hand-held camera you could buy. It's design is not only sleek but it has a very comfortable body. The screen is a perfect size to view when recording and shows the great HD features. When you import your videos to the computer the audio is awesome and really compliments the video. It is a very awesome camera to take on a family trip or an event that is special. Not only can it be used for memorable events but if you are into making great quality videos to share to YouTube or Break it can make your videos look like a professionals!

I hope this review helps. Even with the 1 hour filming and the batteries you can still use regular batteries which I use now. It is still great to take places. And since it is small you can keep it in your purse if you're a woman or keep it in your pocket if you're a guy to take videos if any unexpected thrill comes up. So overall this is a very amazing camera. I would recommend it, but If I could I would go for the Flip Mino HD I would choose that. So not only does this camera help you portable problems with cameras but they help you financially!