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Flo Rida Mail On Sunday Review

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Everyone has heard the popular saying about how the mail will go through, no matter rain or shine. Unfortunately, Flo Rida did not take this to heart with his debut full length album, "Mail on Sunday."

By now everyone has heard the song "Low", the number 1 digital download of all time with over 3 million downloads. Kudos to those who paid the 99 cents to get that track and skipped out on wasting money for the other filler tracks.

The first thing I noticed about Flo Rida was, well, his flow - or lack thereof. He seems to be pretty solid on "Low" and even half decent on "Elevator", but the rest of the album falls very short. His voice is actually kind of high pitched, which gets annoying after awhile. Couple that with songs that are obviously made for the club, and you have another CD just like most of the rap CDs as of late - nothing more than average.

He recruits numerous stars on the album, including Birdman, Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Rick Ross, and Trey Songz. Unfortunately, in almost every case, the guest stars overshadow the main attraction.

He even tries to make a love song with "Me & U", but it comes off as corny and cliche.

If you are looking to download a few of the tracks, here are the winners:

The Singles: "Low" and "Elevator" don't really need an explanation, they've been all over the radio for long enough by now, you can make your own call. Personally, I don't care for the Will.I.Am guest starring track "In the Ayer", but after hearing the beat I knew it would be released as a single. it is very generic and just like the problems I have with his other tracks, the lyrical content isn't anything original by any means. If you need something for a party though, it might just do the trick.

Trey Songz does a great job on the song "Freaky Deaky", and the song right after it, "Money Right", featuring Brisco and Rick Ross, actually help to close the album on a strong note. Unfortunately, after 10 of the first 12 songs being second rate versions of most other songs on the radio, this doesn't justify the CD being worth the purchase as a whole.

With the way this album turned out, I wouldn't want mail from Flo Rida on Sunday or any other day for that matter.