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Flobots Fight With Tools

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Andrew Fry By Andrew Fry on
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The Flobots are on the rise of todays music scene. I heard their chart-topping song 'Handlebars' and I HAD to look them up on the computer. When I listened to other songs by the Flobots, I couldn't wait to go pick up their album.

The Flobots are an incredible breath of fresh air in today's music when you think every song on the radio is either about money, women, guns, drugs, or break-ups. The Flobots blend many different instruments such as a Fiddle, a Violin, an Electric Guitar, Drums, a Keyboard, and a Viola. Not to mention, on top of the astounding music, they lay down absolutely amazing hip hop lyrics. I know when you hear hip hop you think of the music I talked about earlier, but don't be fooled. Give Flobots a chance. Many of their lyrics are politically driven and whether you share the same views as them or not, I dare to you to listen to the lyrics and not be impressed.

I haven't written a review in a while as I have been very busy, however I felt if it was my duty to passon this unbelievable group. I truly encourage you, no matter what your age, race, gender, or anything, to listen to the Flobots. They are the best, most origional music group I have come across in years.