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Floodland, By Marcus Sedgwick

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A few weeks ago, I had to do another book report on a fictional book relating to global warming, and my teacher also recommended me Floodland, by Marcus Sedgwick. I thought that this book was about accurate enough of a portrayal of life in the future, when global warming really starts to affect us all.

In the book, a young girl named Zoe Black was accidentally separated from her parents when they all were trying to escape from their island home near Britain. Sea levels were rising, so their island was getting smaller and smaller. There wasn't much food and water left, so they had to leave soon. After over 6 months, she finds a boat and realizes that she should go after them. But halfway there, she stops on a small island, and is trapped there by the gang of people living there.

If I were to give this book a grade, it would probably be a B-. It was ok, but was relatively easy to read, so I would recommend it to children 8-12. It wasn't very well written, but it showed how hard life can be if we continue using up the earth's resources and mistreating the environment.