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Floral Of Bach

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The Floral of Bach are 38 extracted essences of wild flowers of the Country of Wales, in Great Britain.

His cure power was discovered by the English doctor Edward Bach (of 1926 the 1934). They act on the emotional state and they form a therapeutic system, second which the disease results of an energy unbalance that takes to the physical illness.

Bach was born in Birmingham, England, on September 24 of 1886. He was graduated in Medicine in 1912.In 1915, he became bacteriologist of the Academical Hospital, where it developed the intestinal nosódios that still today are used by the doctors homeopaths.

In 1917, Bach had a hemorrhage, it was operated of urgency and diagnosed a serious and incurable disease, with prognostic of only 3 months of life. As he wanted to finish their researches with the nosódios, he asked for high hospitalar, he was devoted fully to their studies and, totally recovered.This existence was decisive so that he attributed great importance to the emotional states in the genesis and cure of the diseases. He affirmed that good health is harmony, rhythm, to think the life in way positive, constructive and happy and the disease is to think in way negative, unhappy and destructive.

He discovered that the dew and the solar light wake up the vibration of the flowers and the since then, it developed the solar method and the one of ebullition that are used to today for the preparation of the floral essences.

The flowers used for the medicines should be born spontaneously because the energy is more intense than if they be planted by the man. They should be dipped in water of a close stream, in a container of clear glass for some hours, being like this, the water impregnated with the energy of the flower.

Bach said that the disease is the crystallization of a mental attitude and that is enough to treat this attitude for the illness to interrupt. The patient's personality should be treated and no the disease.

The illness is not material and yes energetics and the first action of the drama of the disease happens in the field of the energy. Therefore, it should be treated the causes and no the effects. The therapeutic action so that it is effective, it should act about the energy. In 5 years, Edward Bach discovered 38 floral essences and he wrote two books: "cures yourself" and "The twelve curators and other medicines." "He died in 27.11.36, in his house in Mount Vernon, Great Britain, where still "Bach works today Centers", where they are picked the flowers and prepared the essences.

The floral medicine is prepared with mineral water, floral essence and cognac as conservante. The way to use varies a lot of a professional for other. Edward Bach extolled the use of until 6 essences in the same flask, in the dosage of 4 drops 4 times in a day.

I use the floral for anxiety and it is very good for me, it can also be used for the ones that feel fear, Uncertainty, for the ones that don't seat enough interest for the present moment, and other things.

It is a very good natural treatment because I use and I recommend.