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Flouride Mouth Wash, Only Takes A Minute

Reviewing: Colgate Flouriguard Flouride Rinse (Mouth Wash)  |  Rating:
John Barnes By John Barnes on
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Let me start by telling you some personal history of mine. I've always had the worst teeth in my family, there was always a moment when the dentist would sigh as I walked over. A few weeks ago I saw the dentist, and after the usual stern words, I pledged to do something about it. Floss my teeth every day, and use fluoride mouth wash every day - and that's exactly what I've done.

Now down to the topic at hand. Quite frankly I'm amazed at the mouthwash. The green liquid has a soft mint flavour that i absolutely love, I think the flavour is as good as many mints and gum on the market today. When you can no longer taste the minty freshness, it means the minute has passed and it's time to spit it out and see the gleaming white teeth. Well, unfortunately the effects of it aren't instant, but over the course of the last few weeks I must say I can see a noticeable change in my teeth, they are more white for a start!

This brings me nicely to what I feel the mouth washes biggest selling point. Yes, this does apply to most mouth washes but if anyone thinks their teeth aren't looking as good as they'd like, then I whole heartedly recommend this, it takes quite literally a minute. A minute of enjoying minty freshness swirling around your mouth, effortless yet has such a great effect on my teeth. Fantastic!