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Fl Ow Http:Intihuatani.Usc.Educlouding Review

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flOw is a simple and beautiful flash game that is also a PS3 game too. You start and play as this snake micro-organism on a 2 dimensional plane. You motive is to guide the snake with your mouse and have it's semi-circle mouth eat other micro-organisms to grow. You continue to the next deeper level by eat a micro-organism that has a red dot. There's another one with a blue dot that'll take you back up. A red or blue ring will show every now and then to signal you where they are. Each time you go deep, the plane grow a darker color. And when you go down there will be more organisms, some harmless and some will attack you. You have to go to the last level in order to finish the game. The game is totally free and you can download it for offline gaming.

It's a very relaxing game, and I think it's a work of art. The music is soothing and fitting for this game. Though it can seem creepy if you left it on as background music. There is also cheats that you can trigger when you type this: ~ and then you can enter these codes as many times as you want: T=Tracking on/off

S=Zoom in

F=Spawn Food


B=Spawn little defense organisims

Left=Zoom in

Right=Zoom out

Up=Next Level (go deeper)

Down=Prev Level