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Floxite 15 X Scary Make Up Mirror

Reviewing: Floxite Supervision Illuminated 15 X Magnification Mirror  |  Rating:
tinkerbell By tinkerbell on
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Ladies, this Floxite Supervision Illuminated 15X Make-Up Mirror is not for the faint of heart. Every single flaw in your face is magnified to the point of sheer terror! But that is why I purchased this make up mirror.

My eyes just aren't what they used to be. I need a cosmetics mirror with strong magnification and a good light.

I had been eyeing this make-up mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond, but was skeptical after my twenty+ year old Remmington was looking like it needed to be replaced and I have not been able to find anything that compares to it.

My old Remmington is SO GOOD, that my daughter insisted on taking it to college. So not only did I have to say goodbye to my daughter, my vintage makeup mirror was off to college too! Oh, if only they would remake those old Remmingtons.

Last year, I purchased a make up mirror because it looked so much like my Remmington. Unfortunately, it needed to be returned due to it's incredibly poor lighting. So my quest for a new makeup mirror continued.

I do like that Bed Bath and Beyond has their makeup mirrors on display. At 49.99, I didn't want to purchase this mirror without being able to examine it more closely.

Looking at and picking up this mirror while in the store, it seemed a bit flimsy in construction for that price, but maybe all the plastic mirrors are like that. I didn't know, but I was hooked on that mega magnification. No glasses needed for this mirror!

So, using one of those cool 20% off coupons, Bed Bath and Beyond is famous for, I happily purchased this make-up mirror.

When I got it home and removed this mirror from the box, I was disappointed to discover a small scratch on the mirror. I was not very pleased that the mirror itself would have been of such inferior quality that it would have scratched so easily. I also imagined it would get worse.

Nit-picky things - I wish the mirror area was a bit larger. At 6.5" diameter, the lighted area in the middle does rob the mirror of some space, but this is a minor inconvenience.

The general height of 11" is fine. This mirror folds for travel and you can also mount it on the wall. All good features.

This mirror has three light settings and a built in diffuser. If you do purchase this mirror, be aware that the tiny light bulb may need to be replaced at some point. I wondered how often that would be. Incredibly, my Remmington went over 20 years with the same bulbs!

The bulb replacement didn't seem like a big deal. The bulbs are $8.00 for a package of two. But I wondered if the lightbulbs would be one of those items that would be continuously out of stock at Bed Bath & Beyond, if it is even in the store in the first place. There is a sheet inside the box to order replacement bulbs. Add to that, a shipping fee. Still, this is fine, as long as it does not happen too often. I guess the inferior mirror surface quality made me unsure about the mirror as a whole.

While I was generally pleased with this mirror, I was not happy that a $50 mirror would scratch so easily, so I ended up taking it back. When asked if I wanted a replacement, I declined. I just wasn't sure that I wanted a mirror with such a cheap mirrored surface.

I am not totally against this mirror, though. I may end up going back to buy it again some day. Only next time, I will do what I always promise myself to do each time I buy something of significant cost. If you can't easily open the box and examine the item in the store, then do so at the register or at the very least, inside your car before leaving the parking lot. This has saved me many a trip... when I remember to do it, that is.

My final thoughts on this mirror... it is over priced for the quality you receive, but it sure does magnify!