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Flying Delta Asheville To San Antonio

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I flew Delta airlines from Asheville, North Carolina to San Antonio, Texas with a connecting flight in Atlanta, Georgia on January 23, 2011 to attend the SolidWorks 2011 conference. The flight was uneventful, although at the time it seemed otherwise.

Delta flight 5584 was scheduled to depart the Asheville airport at 11:44 am. When I arrived at the airport to check in, the flight was already behind schedule. I was not very concerned at the time, since I had a one hour layover in Atlanta. I became more concerned when the flight was further delayed. By the time the airplane managed to take off, I knew that making the connecting flight was going to be close. After we boarded the plane, the pilot informed the passengers that there was an issue with the scheduled plane and the airline had to switch to a second plane. We were never specifically informed about the issue with the first plane.

When the plane arrived in Atlanta, it was a mad dash from Concourse C to Concourse B to catch the connecting flight. Boarding was already underway and I was the next to last person to board the plane. Delta flight 1701 left the Atlanta International airport on schedule. As the plane prepared for departure, I wondered if my luggage had made the flight.

There was not anything that I could do, so I sat back and enjoyed the flight. I sat in the middle seat, which was all right by me. I felt fortunate to be on the plane. Neither person on either side of me was very talkative, so it was a quiet flight to San Antonio. The in-air flight lasted just over two hours. The airline provided a free refreshment, a drink and snack, which I graciously accepted. I chose a cookie and a coke. The staff was courteous and helpful.

Upon arriving at the San Antonio airport, I anxiously waited at the baggage claim conveyor. I was relieved, and slightly impressed, when I spotted my luggage on the conveyor. I eagerly claimed my luggage and set my mind towards San Antonio. This would be my first time setting foot in the state of Texas.

While the flight was pleasant (seating was a little tight), I cannot say the same thing for the price. The fare for Flying Delta airlines from Asheville to San Antonio was $303.26, not including taxes. Perhaps I could have found a better fare, but I had to align my itinerary with other business associates. Flying US Airways on the return trip, the fare was $133.95, not including taxes. There may have been a tailwind on the return trip, but I suspect the price difference had more to do with the airline and not the tailwind.