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Flying Us Airways San Antonio To Asheville

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SolidWorks World 2011 convention was over and it was time to say good-bye to San Antonio, Texas and fly back home to western North Carolina. The US Airways flight home would include a connecting flight in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had flown to San Antonio three days earlier for the convention on Delta airlines.

US Airways flight 2830 was on schedule. As I looked out the window at the small aircraft parked outside, I wondered when would it be moving along so that our plane could park. It looked tiny compared to the airplane parked at the next gate. As boarding time neared I realized that this small aircraft was the airplane that would fly to Charlotte. Oh well, at least I had a window seat so maybe I could enjoy the view on the flight back east.

There were only four seats to a row, two on each side of the aisle. Veteran travelers will recognize seating letters as A, C, D and F, where A & F are window seats, and C & D are aisle seats. Since there were no middle seats on this aircraft, there were no B or E seats. When I located my seat I was disappointed to learn that there was no window. I had an A seat, but only every other seat actually had a window.

Shortly after take-off we were informed that the in-air flight would last just over two hours. It was time to sit back and enjoy the flight. When I reached for the seat adjustment I soon realized that my seat would not lay back. It turned out that I was sitting in the row in front of the emergency exit and my seat had no adjustment, foiled again.

The flight was pleasant and the crew was courteous. I had no real complaints. The trip to San Antonio had been great and now I was headed home. It did not matter that the plane was smaller than I had imagined, the window seat had no window to look out, nor that the seat would not recline. Besides, the US Airways flight home was less than half the cost of the Delta flight to San Antonio.

The plane landed at the Charlotte airport on time, but it did take a long time to taxi around to our gate. The layover in Charlotte was long enough to grab a bite to eat before boarding the connecting flight to Asheville. While I waited for my food I overheard the lady at the next table talk about being stranded at the airport. A huge storm was pounding the northeast causing flight cancellations.

I counted my blessings. A short twenty minute in-air flight and I would be back home sleeping in my own bed. It did not matter that it would be near midnight by the time I pulled into the driveway. It’s good to be home.