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Fm Transmitter For The Garmin

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debbie831 By debbie831 on
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I bought the Garmin 650 and love it. I also bought the FM Transmitter for traffic updates. Before I go any further I will tell you that I returned it after one week!

The FM Transmitter replaces the car charger that comes with your Garmin. It acts as a charger and also is supposed to update you about traffic tie ups and re-route you if necessary. Sounds good right? I thought with the trip to Nashville and not being familiar with the roads and this being construction season this would be a great accessory to have. Even after the trip I figured Michigan is known for construction so I would have an advantage.

They don't tell you on the website or anywhere that I could find that there are only a few cities that this works in! Nashville wasn't one of them, neither is Grand Rapids where I live. While traveling to Nashville my daughter and I ran into lots of construction and traffic tie ups and the only thing we got from the FM transmitter was to give us a yield sign on the Garmin with a time :15 just blinking in the corner. It took us a while to figure out that it meant there would probably be a 15 minute delay. Great, what help is that. Never gave us an alternate route or anything. Most of the time it didn't recognize any of the constuction or traffic, I guess that is because we weren't in a major city (gee I always thought Nashville was a major city!)

When I got home I called Garmin and told them I wanted to return it and why and she said no problem. She agreed that they should make it more clear that it doesn't work in many cities.

The only positive thing I can say about this product is Garmin took it back with out any problems.. I do not think it is worth $200 at all and am glad I was able to return it.

I really wish this would have worked because I do love the concept. I think Garmin has a lot more work to do on this little device.