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Focus Magazine

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By George Terry on
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I subscribed to the Focus magazine online and now I have 10 magazines in total, receiving one every month. And it's totally worth every penny i have spent. Straight away these magazines stood out from many others because of the sheer quality of the pictures, content, advice and the way it includes the reader. The magazine focuses on Science, technology and the future and this is the most fun and interesting way to get knowledge about these subjects.

Each months magazine has a special focus which is explained and shown in high detail, often these focuses are about new tech or a theoretical thing in the future e.g "Our future in space" every picture is clear and high detailed the content is in-depth easy to read and very interesting. this magazine also has a section which tells you about some new and interesting gadgets which have just appeared on the market. the magazine is pleasing to the eye and easy to read.

But for me the main reason I get this book is its Q&A section. It's HUGE! most of the back of the magazine is filled with answers to questions which have been posted in by people. everything is in-depth and explains things clearly. One question an answer in the latest copy (August 2010 - Superstorm) Q: Are there really still human footprints on the moon? A: Yes there are, even though nobody has stepped on the lunar surface since the last Apollo mission in 1972. the footsteps will be there for many of years to come too. the moon is geographically dead so the marks wont be wiped out by earthquakes or volcanoes. Neither is there any wind to disturb them or rain to erode them. GM

In conclusion this magazine is the top of its league and genre. Anyone interested in science, technology or gadgets should subscribe to this book because the content inside is just to good to miss out on.