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Folding Electrical Griddle, Folds It's Hand

Reviewing: Rival Grf 405 Folding Griddle  |  Rating:
dade By dade on
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I am trying to be fair about this review. I used to have an electric griddle I would grill sandwiches and pancakes on. This griddle got a lot of use, through the years. I loved it. When it died, something inside of me was never the same again.

After my grief subsided, the next day I went to Meijer, to find a replacement griddle.

I bought the Rival folding, electric griddle. That night, we were going to break this baby in, on Jan's famous pancakes, with blueberries.

After a few minutes of the griddle only getting warm, I looked over the manuel to make sure I had plugged the griddle in and turned the adjustable dial, to it's proper setting.

A few more minutes went by. Jan put the pancake batter on the griddle and we both watched it for a few minutes, as it cooked slowly; very slowly.

What a fine mess we had gotten ourselves into. We finally had dinner, an hour later. The griddle was a mess to clean up. I returned it to the store, the next afternoon and got my money back.

I still haven't taken the time to look around again. I miss my old griddle still. Sometimes, not often, a cooking utensil can grow on you. When it dies, you need to give time for grief to move on. I think I jumped the gun, buying that Rival, folding griddle too soon.

Maybe this weekend, I will find it in me, to look around a few more stores for a good griddle, that will actually cook something.