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Food Saver Seals It Up Air Tight!

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I received my FoodSaver for Christmas and I threw out the Ziplocs! This thing is awesome. I'm pretty sure you've seen it on TV. I did and I had to have it.

The FoodSaver sucks air out of and seals FoodSaver Storage bags. It's a vacuum pack sealer for the home!

If you buy items in bulk, hunt, fish, or collect things that must be stored in airtight conditions, you need one of these little gems! We do all of the above and have found our FoodSaver to come in handy more often than not.

The best use for the FoodSaver is when you purchase meat. Meat is expensive. If you can buy larger packages, or buy a lot on sale, you can save money. For instance, I purchase chicken on a regular basis. If I buy 10 pound bulk bags, I can save over $1 per pound. Realistically, we can only eat so much chicken, FoodSaver to the rescue! I divide the chicken up, seal it, and freeze it.

Before the FoodSaver came into my life, I had to throw some food away due to freezer burn--a big waste of time and money. I had used Ziplocs for freezer storage and they failed me. I just can't get those things to close at times. With my FoodSaver, I can see the bag is sealed airtight so I know my food is protected.

FoodSaver gets two thumbs up from me!