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Foot Duvet

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While I was visiting relatives in cold Colorado, I could never keep my feet warm! The relative I was visiting doesn't allow shoes to be worn inside, and my socks were not keeping my feet warm at all. On a quick trip to a mall, I visited Restoration Hardware and discovered the Foot Duvet! We don't have a Restoration Hardware in the area I live in so I thought it was an odd place to find slippers!! But by looking further in the store, it seems they have a variety of household goodies. It was shortly after Christmas so the Foot Duvets (Feet Duvets?) were on clearance. I made my purchase and couldn't wait to get back to try them on.

Immediately, I kicked off my shoes and sunk my feet into my new slippers. Ahhhh... (choir of angels singing), they were so soft, and snuggly! They're lined with some sort of fake rabbit fur that seems to heat up when you put your foot in. I'm sure they really don't, but it feels like it. During my 5 day visit I never took them off while I was in the house. The Foot Duvet even comes with it's own special carrying pouch! Not that I'd ever need the pouch, but it was a nice touch.

The only drawback I can find with the slippers, is that they have "general" sizing. For example, my slippers are woman's size 5-7. That's great if you're a size 7, but I'm in the middle and they tend to flip-flop more than I'd like. (Even though they're made like a soft boot.) I washed them, (another plus), in hopes that they'd shrink a little, but that didn't happen. Despite the sizing problem I still love the Foot Duvet. (Or is it Duvets?) I'm not sure if these are a seasonal item, but it may be worth your while to check back near the holidays to see. They'd make a nice inexpensive Christmas gift also. They are also available in children's sizes. Go here to see what they're all about: http://www.restorationhardware.com/rh/catalog/product/product.jsp?productId=prod1399006&navCount=3