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For Babies With Allergies

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I have a history of allergies so my pediatrician recommended that we give our baby Nan One HW in order that allergies may be minimized if allergens are delayed. She said that Nan One HW has hydrolyzed whey protein, so it does not cause allergic reactions to infants.

Since I have very little breastmilk, most of what my baby had was really this formula.

Our pedia already warned us that since some of the ingredients in this milk have been refined, the baby may not appear fat or chubby. Which is fine with us. And it is really true. Our baby is lean and muscular and tall. But she has no baby fat whatsoever. She even has sought-after abs. Imagine that.

What I don't like about Nan HW is that the powder is so fine that it is quite hard to mix. Despite much shaking of the bottle, there will be clumps left undissolved. Also, I don't like the smell. Even if it is just mixed, the smell resembles that of curdled or rancid milk.

And well, unlike regular milk, it is more expensive and is often out of stock. So we would buy a can or two everytime we go out so that our baby will not run out of milk. Also, the biggest packaging is only a can of 900 grams, so it is consumed in just a few days. And it comes out expensive.

Well, at least my baby is protected from allergens. I have known of several babies in our community who were born at the time my baby was born. They were given other brands and allergies just broke out. So I am really thankful that our pedia has warned us.