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For Colicky Babies

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Aceite literally means oil. So Aceite de Manzanilla is literally oil of Manzanilla. I am not sure if it is a plant, but well the color of the oil is green. It can be bought in mainstream drugstores but is not really prescribed by doctors.

But traditionally, this is oil is used for colicky babies. Its main purpose is anti-flatulence and it does really work wonders, not only for babies but also for adults.

Last week, my baby was fussing. She had colds and could not breathe very well. So throughout the day, she breathe through her mouth. In my mind, I though oh no, tonight she might feel colicky pains in her stomach because of swallowed air. And true enough, it happened. At first, I forgot what could be the cause of her crying. I thought maybe it was her colds that was making her uncomfortable. But eventually I remembered that she may be having pains in her tummy.

I immediately got my bottle of manzanilla and poured some on my hand. I rubbed both palms to make them warm and then I gently massaged the oil on her tummy and back and some on her feet. Then I tied her midsection with a cloth in order to force the air out. In a matter of five minutes, my baby sat down on the bed and let out air several times. After that, she laughed and played with us. I really like this product. I also use it when I feel some discomfort in my tummy because of air or coldness.