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For That Not So Fresh Feeling

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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Body odor…especially feminine odor is never an easy or pleasant topic. I think most people are very concerned about how they look ...and smell, women especially. There are times that I think almost all of us have needed or questioned the need for a feminine deodorant product…maybe odor isn’t necessarily the issue…sometimes extra sweat/moisture causes that not so fresh feeling. For me…this issue presented while I was pregnant with my son. While it is a bit embarrassing to admit and be telling who knows how many people about it here in this review…I have come to realize that it is actually very common, doesn’t necessarily have to do with poor hygiene practices, and can be taken care of easily…provided it is not caused by infection or other medical related problems that need treatment by a physician.

Some of the natural causes of feminine odor are as follows


-Oils in sweat gland secretion

-Urine if a woman is having urine leakage (common during prgnancy & for older women)

-Many foods we eat have odorous oils in them that end up being secreted in sweat...the more fat we ingest the more oils are secreted

-Skin bacteria can also react with sweat to produce unpleasant odors.

Summer's Eve is hypoallergenic, 100% Talc Free, Absorbs moisture and neutrolizes odor.


Basically- Corn Starch and Deodorant


Well it was towards the end of my pregnancy. I was pregnant ALL summer and here in California, summers can be brutal! It was in the 100’s. WHO WOULDN”T SWEAT!? But like I said I was pregnant…large…hot…and feeling not so fresh! Everything was sticky! (This can also cause chafing & itching!) My midwife told me that during pregnancy all of your body fluids/secretions increase (oh joy) Bathing helped but through out the day…it didn’t last. Sprays…yeah…but the ones I tried were too strong…I mean fresh scent or not if everyone else can smell the spray…yuck, that’s just not right. So I tried the summer’s Eve Feminine powder (original formula). Much better…light floral fragrance…it also was super helpful keeping the sticky feeling away! I used it all over. Of course during pregnancy your breast size can increase significantly…mine went to a DD …it was a constant sweaty area and major contributor to feeling sticky and uncomfortable! I used the powder there and it helped so much! I was still cranky and uncomfortable (from the bulky pregnant issue) but at least the sticky, not so fresh feeling was removed from the equation! The powder also helped to prevent any chafing.

It didn’t last all day but, it was summer, I was extra sweaty and extra sensitive because of the pregnancy so I would just reapply after 4-6 hours…more if I felt like I needed it. I was very happy with this product; it provided a lot of relief and worked well for what I needed.

It is available at just about any store that sells feminine hygiene products. It is also available on line if you prefer to have a little more privacy when purchasing. You can expect to pay between $5-$9 for the powders (9oz size). They are available in Original (light floral) and Cotton Breeze scents.