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For The Souse Chef Samuri

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Farberware knives

I have literally chopped, sliced, julienne'd, diced and cut through thousands of pounds of produce, proteins, and dairy this past year+ with this little baby and it's still razor honed and ready for more!

My particular knife has a red epoxy handle, still a solid tang. I chose the red for its I.D. property. You might be surprised how much sanctioned theft is allowed in a professional kitchen, besides mistakes, accidents or just plain "loss".

I have sharpened this blade many hundreds of times (you're just not going to get away from that in high-yield production!) and I still have miles of steel left on this little 7.5in. blade.

I have several other knives, other brands/types, etc. Most good, a couple ok.

My "Santoku" has been the Morgan Horse (hard worker) of my collection though.

They come in a fair range of lengths and handle finishes, quite versatile and for a "mass-market" product, does quite well "in the field". This is (of course) a "WALLY-WORLD" available brand and item.

For "get'r done" quality on the cheap. This knife is on my "A" list.

I paid $10.99 for mine in early '07.

Last look (6mo. Ago?) the price was still the same.