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For Those Who Run With The Hatchet...

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For all of you Juggalo's and Juggalette's out there, the guys up at Psychopathic Records hooked us up with a collection of music videos from everyone at the label, conveniently priced and ready for you to consume. How awesome is it? Really awesome!

The amount of music videos on this is unprecedented. There is a grand total of 25 music videos on this DVD. $14 for 25 videos, that less than 50 cents a video, and most are DVD quality. And we're not just talking Insane Clown Posse here, we're talking videos from ABK, Axe Murda Boyz, Blaze, Boondox, Twiztid, Esham, and even the Psychopathic Rydas. And there are videos on here that are no where else but on this DVD(like the original version of "Chicken Huntin" by ICP, which was never released to the public till now). But when I said "most" of them were DVD quality, I wasn't lying. There are 3 videos on here that were meant for the internet only, so instead of bumping them up to DVD quality, we get YouTube quality videos to watch. While this isn't really bad, I still think they could have bumped up the quality for the fans.

Before every video, there is a little fact given from the various member of Psychopathic about where the video was produced and who directed it. While this is great nuggets of information for all the Juggalo's, I hate how gangsta the guys try to act in giving you this simple information. It makes almost every information bit hard to sit through because you'll be laughing at how lame they are at times.

One big complaint I have about this video is that though it has a parental advisory on the front, the majority of the videos are edited. Most notably ABK's "Hey Y'all", which has a majority of things blurred out in it. Also there are the lame random noises in place of curse words that you would hear on the majority of edited CD's. I know these were videos that were released for mainstream, I just wish they would of at least put the original Audio track over the edited one for the fam, because what's lamer than piano sounds and scratches for words?

This DVD is an amazing deal for all the Psychopathic lovers out there, and for as cheap as it is, will make an excellent present for the Pscyhopathic friend or sibling in your family.