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sweetmeg214 By sweetmeg214 on
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I am a new subscriber to Forbes magazine, but in the few months that I have been taking it, I have learned enough additional information about finances that I feel it has already paid for itself. I am in the finance industry, so while this magazine is practically assigned reading for me, the quality of the writing and the wide ranging articles keep me entertained cover to cover.

For my personal account, there is always information that I view as, well, aspirational. If you have a lot of money, then I think that there are great tips, but for some one like myself just starting out in the working world, that are not all that applicable. I am keeping the tips filed away at the back of my mind and hope to use them once I finally have some sizeable assets and am able to put them in play in my portfolio.

Recently I have also received a few "readers, " Forbes Life, Forbes Woman, and the Forbes 400 (the wealthiest 400 people in America, simple millionaires need not apply). I have had a hard time even sitting down long enough to be able to read all the things that I have received in a timely fashion. Add to the fact that this is a bi-weekly magazine, and the magazines value is that much better.

One complaint that I do have is with billing. I pre-paid for my subscription online, and last week received another bill. Now I will have to find time to call customer service and request for my check to be returned. Its a minor headache, but still something that I will have to deal with. If you chose to subscribe, keep this in mind!