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Ford Explorer, 1998

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By peterson on
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I miss my ex-husband's Explorer. It was GREAT! It handled like a car, felt like a luxury (OK . . . maybe not a luxury, but at least a big) car. I can't really rate it on gas mileage, as I never checked it. It was my "weekend" car for two years. It held so much stuff I never worried when I went shopping where I'd put things. I had a large hubby and another couple and myself that went to the beach in it, about 1-2 hours driving. We got there without a sound from the engine, able to hear all conversations and the music from the radio. I kept going too fast because it felt so nice and smooth. We had everything you could imagine that you might think of to take to the beach and all were comfortable (and the three passengers I had were all over 220 lbs!!!)

I bought a Chevy blazer thinking it would drive as well and feel the same and be packable (new word?) like the Ford, but YUK!!! and though I didn't put gas in the Explorer, I know it got better mileage.

My ex never added or checked the oil, when we split-up, he drove it into the dealership and it died on the spot. He had the Explorer for a while before we married and after we married we drove it over 24, 000 miles. We were together for 2+ years, so for the oil to never have been checked, it must have been good. (We had a dirt driveway and went down many dirt roads together.)

I do not advise not checking oil to test an automobile, though.