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Ford Windstar: A Two Thumbs Down

Reviewing: Ford 2000 Windstar  |  Rating:
By Anthony Volk on
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The Ford Windstar seems to be one of the most popular minivans currently on used lots and being driven, with around 200, 000 being sold every year from the late 1990s to around 2003. This van has sold so well, yet I would never recommend this van to another person. It is one of the most unreliable vehicles I've ever ridden in.

The first major problem with this van is the great volume of recalls that this van has had. The 2000 Ford Windstar has not one, not two, not three recalls, but twelve. The first recall in 2000 recalls vehicles in which urethane might have been used to affix the glass to the frame of the car, not fully bonding the window to the frame. There have also been recalls pertaining to the vehicle's subframe cracking in areas with road salt, the vehicle's rear axle breaking in areas with road salt, the vehicle's cruise control overheating and burning out, the vehicle's windshield wiper blades igniting, and the vehicle's floor interfering with its accelerator pedal, not to mention countless more recalls that are more trivial than those listed above. These recalls greatly diminish its reliability standard and makes the vehicle seem as if it is going to break down at any moment while you're in it.

Another major problem is its performance. The Windstar's cruise control will frequently turn off while driving, even after having the recall corrected, again dashing its reliability standard and causing one to be very frightened to even ride in the vehicle. It also does not have that 'smooth ride' that many look for in a vehicle. It feels as if it's going to fall to pieces, to the little nuts and bolts that compose it. Its acceleration rate is terrible; many times, when rapid acceleration is necessary to gain access to an interstate highway, the vehicle will not accelerate quite guick enough, and it will sort of 'jut' backwards as if the transmission is slipping as the vehicle is rapidly accelerating, and then the vehicle will attempt to accelerate again from that point, but will generally be successful.

The last major problem is its gas mileage. Although it promises great gas mileage, the vehicle does not achieve what it should. The vehicle, at best, gets 15 or 16 miles to the gallon. The vehicle is very inefficient and lacks in any kind of efficiency. It also lacks in space, with a squeeze for the 6 or 7 people that most other vans can hold comfortably. The only thing that this vehicle doesn't greatly lack in is style and exterior appearance, which the vehicle is okay with. I would never recommend this travesty of a vehicle to anyone.