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Foreigner 4: 'One Of The Best Ever'

Reviewing: Atlantic Records 1980/2002  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This awesome rock band from the 70's and 80's produced numerous albums that I would classify as the 'Best of the Best Ever' for this era in rock history. FOREIGNER 4 was definately one of the very best!

'Night Life', was an ok song that opened this one on a good note. The second song 'Juke Box Hero' had much more success at the charts, with the famous lryics, "He bought a beat up six string, at a second hand store"... blaring over the radio on a daily basis.

The third one on this album/cd is 'Break It Up', about a failed relationship, and the pain of letting go. I really like this song, as it makes me remember the day when I was young.

'Waiting For A Girl Like You', is next with another FOREIGNER 4 hit that was played on the airwaves excessively. My wife likes this one, but I think it is just so-so. 'Luanne', follows with another so-so performance. The album could have done without these two (in my opinion).

The best track on this release (beside 'Don't Let Go') was the #6 song titled 'Urgent'. This is the song that opened my eyes so long ago to this band and their excellent style of rock. I hear the saxiphone in this great classic rock tune along with a keyboard sound synthesizer. This is a song for Lisa Simpson and Bill Clinton!

'Woman In Black' and 'Girl On The Moon', are two excellent tracks on this collectors item. Both of these two songs are classic, and well recorded for this album/cd. I love these two. 'I'm Gonna Win', is the best of the two with the type of spirit that breeds a fighting man. This is an awesome title for this recording.

My favorite finisher to any album is this one. 'Don't Let Go' is a song that reminds me of the time that my wife and I almost broke up. I believe this song played a big part in keeping us together. 'Don't Let Go' is a passionate song of trying to hold on when the other is not. I really love this top notch love song with a rock tone. I say its pretty much the best one.

Two bonus tracks are included in the 2002 remake, which are 'Juke Box Hero (acoustic)', and 'Wating for A Girl Like You', the slow version.

I found this one at a yard sale, in mint shape, so I must brag about the find. If you haven't added this to your 'Best of the Best' collection, you should do so right away before this becomes one of those 'No Longer Being Produced' titles that seem to kill the age of great rock. I hope you find it. Good Luck!