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Forever 21: Bust Or What?

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By sprinklesaur on
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Whilst upon taking a shopping trip with a few friends yesterday, we were all indecisive about which store we wanted to head to first. One wanted to fulfill her needs at Hollister whereas another was dying to buy that cute new floral print dress at American Eagle. I was perfectly fine with either store when another friend butted in and whined that she wanted to go to Express to get some new sweaters! There was never a bigger dilemma if I had ever seen one myself.

Treading through the mall's carpeted floors, we finally stopped our bickering to look up into the glowing lights of Forever 21. Was this it? Was this our savior?

We were all excited and upset (that we hadn't thought of Forever 21 first, which could've saved us a lot of bickering and time since we all loved it and it was a definite consensus) at the same time and headed immediately into the fabulous, chic and money-saving haven inside a store.

Thinking back now, what's the appeal of Forever 21? As mature young adults, our styles have blossomed from your average, regular jeans, t-shirts and sneakers into more of a sophisticated, cultured style. Instead of a graphic shirt, we opted for flowing, loose blouses and tops that emphasized our, cough, womanly curves. Rather than ill-fitting jeans, our legs were clad in skin-tight leggings, some wild with daring patterns while others were demure and shaded in a solid, outstanding color, or hip-hugging skinny jeans. Our feet, once tucked into our trusty Converses and Vans, were now slipped into bold, dazzling gladiator sandals with straps strewn up our ankles, or patent leather flats that emphasized the curve of our feet as well as five-inch heels that gave us leverage and prestigious height (for the vertically challenged ones, that is.)

As budding teenagers on somewhat of a budget, we couldn't necessarily always afford to shop at places where shirts cost as much as a dinner for two at Olive Garden. We weren't always willing to dish out triple digits for a pair of perfectly distressed jeans. We, for lack of a better word, settled at Forever 21, dazzled by the beckoning of ‘Fabulous Finds!', clothing that actually fit the currently style at the time as well as a mature feel in the store all around.

Rustling through the many racks at Forever 21 was actually quite a thrill. Rummaging my hand throughout the many ruffles of blouses, satin sleeves of shirts and hemmed bodices of dresses, I was always hoping to find something that caught my eye. In this case, my hand pressed against something silky and very gentle, something soft and flowing all around - I pulled my prospective garment out only to find that it was two sizes too large and stuffed it back in, a bit disappointed.

But that was in the charm of Forever 21. Nothing there is ever the same - from the many dresses to tunics and tops to jeans, everything was disoriented, disarranged and all over the place, which was quite unlike the scene at smaller stores. Employees are constantly running around, stuffing clothes back onto racks (how they manage to find the right racks is still beyond me!)

To get straight to the point - clothing: check! Everything at Forever 21 is currently with the style. From cute motif shirts (support the animals!) to dressy tops, everything is right up there with what's popular now. Quality of clothing: somewhat of a check! Everything I've purchased from Forever 21 has been durable and held out for now, but I can't help but worry that one day, my filmy-thin top will just tear right open. The material is very soft but at the same time, it feels very, very weak and could just disintegrate right there in my palm.

Continuing on, price: check! Everything at Forever 21 was within my budget range. There's even a line for those who don't have the expenses at the moment to buy something grandeur called ‘Fabulous Finds' which includes everything from tube top dresses to sweater vests to plain white tees (love the band!) all at an affordable price.

Overall, what can I say about Forever 21? I'll try to sum it up in a few quick lines. Everything that I've purchased here is a crucial part of my wardrobe. I do not ever regret buying anything whatsoever and I honestly wish that I spent more money at Forever 21 rather than other places.