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Forever Young Dartboard

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My husband bought this dart board in 1992, when he was in a dart league and used to play every week, now not to often. It is fully electronic soft tip dart board, you can play: count up, 301-901, cricket, and round the clock. It keeps actual and cumulative scores, has option setting for single/double in and out. Keeps track of all the numbers closed for cricket. The sensitivity of the numbers are acute and never gives an eroneous reading. It does have only 2 players though, but we never have a problem since we just double up teams if more then 2 are playing. There is 3 choices for sounds: no sound, which is good for when the kids are asleep, voice and beeps. The voice is good since it calls out everything that is thrown, letting you know what you hit (or did not hit) without having to take your eyes off your target. The dart surface grabs the darts so there is rarely any bounce outs, unless you really flub a throw. My husband and I play once in awhile or when we have company, and we have a blast. Learning to use the board was the easy part, throwing the darts to go where I want is another story. This board is about 16 years old and has been played with a lot and has moved around with us to many new houses and states, and it still works like new. Which attests to its durability. It was the one of the first things he had to have hung up when we moved to the new house!